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Description of Product Size   Description of Product Size Instructions
Decorative Milk Mint  Topping 1L Bottle   Decorative Sour Cherry Topping Bottle  
Decorative - Tropical Topping 1L Bottle   Decorative Cocoa Topping Bottle  
Decorative Wild Fruit Topping 1L Bottle   Decorative Caramel Topping Bottle  
Decorative Zabaione Topping 1L Bottle   Decorative Strawberry Topping Bottle  
Decorative Coffee Topping 1L Bottle   Decorative Kiwi Topping Bottle  
Decorative Nocciolato Topping 1L Bottle   Hollandish Fiordilatte Tin/5kg  
Decorative Mandarin Topping 1L Bottle   Mix Frutta - Cremante 50 Bag 1 kg  
Decorative Milkmou Topping 1L Bottle   Gelocr thick and Emuls Neutral Tin/3kg  
Gelostella Stracciatella Tin/5kg   Dehydrated Combined Lemon Tin/3kg   
Tgel Tonda Gent Langee Hazelnut Tin/5kg   Combined Lemon in Paste Tin/6kg  
Gelostella Hazelnut Paste Tin/5kg   Liogel Fullemon 450 Bag1.35kg  
Gelostella Vanilla Lab Tin/6kg   Liogel Golden Coffee Bag1.2kg   
Gelostella Gianduia Cinquestelle Tin/5.5kg   Stellamix 100 H.C. Bag 2kg   
Gelostella Smooth Pistacio Tin/6kg   Soiamix Neutral Bag1.5kg   
Gelostella Disaronno Amaretto Tin/5kg   Stellalight Vanilla Bag1.5kg  
Gelostella 200 Kiwi Tin/6kg   Stellalight Cocoa Bag1.5kg   
Gelostella 200 Mango Tin/6kg   Gelcor Thick Emils Neutral 25 Tin/2kg   
Gelostella 200 Wild Fruit Tin/6kg   Moussemix Bag2kg   
Gelostella 100 Strawberry Tin/6kg        
Gelostella 100 Sour Cherry Tin/6kg        
Gelostella 200 Banana Tin/3kg        
Gelostella 100 Orange Tin/3kg        
Gelostella 100 Melon Tin/6kg