TIPS for steaming MILK for


Fill a stainless steel pitcher at least one third full of fresh COLD milk.
Any type i.e. skim, 2%, or whole milk your preference.  1.   First clear the steam wand of any water or residual milk. This is done by turning or pulling the steam wand
      depending on the type of machine you are using.
2.  Now place the steam wand in the milk pitcher just below the milk surface.
3.  Turn on the steam wand making sure it is in the centre of the pitcher with the tip of the wand barley below the
  surface of the milk and the steam is at full capacity.
4.  The milk should be foaming and creating bubbles at this point and filling with air, as the pitcher fills with foam
continue to lower the pitcher so the wand stays just below the surface.
5.   Once the foam has filled the container you will then need to heat the milk, each person likes the milk
at a different temperature usually between 140 to 165 degrees , you heat the milk by making sure the tip
of the nozzle is deep in the milk pitcher thereby heating it. Either use your hand to judge the temperature or
buy a good thermometer.
6.  Turn off the steam valve and remove the pitcher from underneath wait from
30 seconds to one minute before pouring the milk into the espresso.
7. For latte art keep wand at bottom of container, try and warm milk with little foam. Scoop off any light froth and proceed to making your design. Use you own creativity, try not to be a copycat like so many before you., or at least admit that you are not the first to create latte art.