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Thermoplan Milk Foamer


Compact Foam / Hygienic / Portion Control / Auto-clean / Speedy dispensing / Easy to use

Speedy Dispense, Easy to Use

So simple to use at the press of a button the Foamino will  produce a foam, that will surprise your customers. Thanks to the special technique used, the foam is compact and long-lasting ensuring that your Cappuccino looks appearing right up until the moment it is served to your customer. Once programmed, the Foamino will remember your specific milk foam portion size to enable you to produce consistent Cappuccinos. It also has the ability to be operated manually.


A lot of High-Tech for Little Money

Compact in size, the Foamino can be used as a <<stand alone>> unit or with the addition of an extension pipe can be placed alongside your existing coffee machine. So- for Cappuccino - the cup can be left at the coffee machine to get the foam. The Foamino offers a low cost and simple method of increasing the profitability of your coffee menu by allowing you to introduce a range of specialty drinks such as Mochas, Lattes and of course Cappuccinos.


Guaranteed Perfect Hygiene

Foamino keeps the milk at 73 degrees(c) constantly, unlike foaming units using cooled milk, bacteria are killed by the heat. The controlled heating system ensures that the temperature difference is never more than 0.5 degrees(c). The automatic interval cleaning heats the cleaning solution to 80 degrees(c) and automatically flushes this solution through the system. This ensures simple and hygienic cleaning.

$2,310.00 USD

Products milk foam and hot milk  
Heating time from 6 to 60 degrees(c) for 2 litres of milk 10 minutes
Dispensing times 1 portion of milk foam 4 seconds
2 dl of hot milk 7 seconds
Dimensions w/d/h 150/450/380 mm
Capacity milk container 2 litres
Ratings volts/hertz/alternating current 115+230/50/60
Power   1100watts
Empty Weight   10 kg

** One Year Limited Warranty on Parts & Labour**
** Full Staff Training Program Available**
**Lease Program Available**

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