Rancilio Classe 8

The Classe 8 is a semi or fullyl automatic commercial espresso machine. This unit comes in two, three, or four group versions, with Pod adaptable capabilities. This is a very straight forward machine to operate, yet it is reliable in every situation. This is a machine where functionality meets design! 






*Independant Heat Exchangers*
*Electric Heating*
*Volumemetric Pump*
*Boiler Pressure Guage*
*Automatic Water Level Control*
*Boiler Pressure Control With Paressure Stat*
*200V-240V Dispensing Controls*
*Stainless Steel Housing*


Boiler Capacity:  11 liters
Dimension & Weight: 109* x 49.8* x 48.7*cm - 94.1kgs
Power:  220V - 6000W- 50/60 Hz

Accessories:  2 x two cup filter holder,
1 x one cup filter holder,
coffee tamper,
measuring spoon,
feet extensions