Rancilio class 10


Boiler Capacity:  11 liters
Dimension & Weight:  78 x 54 x 53cm - 91kgs
Power:  110/220V - 4300W

Accessories:  2 x two cup filter holder,
1 x one cup filter holder,
coffee tamper,
measuring spoon,
feet extensions

Rancilio Classe 10


*Electronic boiler pressure/temperature control
*On-board computer with multifunctional display
*Electric cup warmer with 3 temperature setting
*Independent heat exchangers
*Electric heating
*Built-in volumetric pump
*Automatic water level control 

rThe Classe 10 is a new type of fully automatic commercial espresso machine. The functions are electronically controlled which require you a simple operation and give you great performances.  This is ideal forthose who wants to maintain traditional good values,

but also wants the latest technological advancements and modern design.