Automatic coffee machine with volumetric dosage and microprocessor-aided control with display.
•  Body in mirror-polished AISI 304 – 18/8 stainless steel
•  Embedded digital clock with electronic on-off control
•  Re-settable coffee and hot water counter
•  Programmable periodical maintenance
•  Automatic message for softener regeneration
•  Machine credit management software
•  Multi-language display
•  Coffee and water dispensing keys, continuous delivery, stop key
•  Self-protected water level control
•  In-built rotary pump with balanced by-pass
•  Cup warmer with software control
•  Electric heating with safety thermostat
•  Programmable hot water dispenser
•  Two steam taps

Optional accessories on demand
•  Pre-infusion chamber on brewing groups
•  Hot water mixer
•  Automatic milk frother – temperature-controlled “EPS” steam arm
•  Easy-to-fit paper and plastic pod kit
•  Automatic cappuccinatore

Technical features
Model F2006 F2006
Versions 2 Groups 3 Groups
Dimensions (mm.) 770x560x500 h 1010x560x500 h
Boiler capacity 11 lt. 17 lt.
Power 2700/4500 watt 4500/5400 watt
Power supply 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz - single phase
380/415 V three phase