The E92 Compac is a 2-Group machine which combines a
compact frame with the elegance and preformance of the E92 Elite series.
This makes the Compac the perfect solution for those who expect
superior cup quality, although having limited space.

*Automatic Boiler Fill*
*Volumetric Pump*
*Two Pressure Guages*
*Thermal Balancing System*
* Hot Water Arm*
*Stainless Steel Body*
*Two or Three Coffee groups*
* One or Two Steam Arms*


Boiler Capacity:  11 liters
Dimension & Weight:  76 x 56 x 52 cm - 65kgs
Power: 380/415V 50Hz- 5100/6100Watts 

Accessories:  2 x two cup filter holder,
1 x one cup filter holder, coffee tamper,
measuring spoon, feet extensions,