Faema E61 Legend

Thanks to the innovative techinal solution, the E61 became among the most popular
espresso machines with professionals. The E61 features updated technical
devices in order to comply with the current safety and current technological
evolutions, yet still maintaining the original design and materials.
The E61 is produced in one, two, or three groups.


*Automatic Boiler Fill*
*Volumetric Pump*
*Two Pressure Guages*
*Thermal Balancing System*
* Hot Water Arm*
*Stainless Steel Body*
*Two or Three Coffee groups*
* One or Two Steam Arms*


Boiler Capacity:  11 liters
Dimension & Weight:  56.5 x 54 x 71.5 cm - 60kgs
Power:  220/380V 4000Watt

Accessories:  2 x two cup filter holder,
1 x one cup filter holder, coffee tamper,
measuring spoon, feet extensions,

Faema E61