The MAZZER Major

An excellent match to any espresso /cappuccino machine.
Step-less micrometrical grinding adjustment.
With long-life specially hardened steel burrs.
Your espresso blend beans, can be ground on demand,
ensuring a "bar quality " espresso or coffee
based beverage.
Magister MMD M grinder makes an affordable
grinder/doser unit  for those establishments that offer
"coffee using freshly ground beans ". 


Output per minute: 150~220 g
Electrical specs: 115 volts, 350 watts, 60 htz.
Thermally Protected Motor
Width 181mm x Depth 285mm x Height 577mm
Capacity of Coffee grain container: 1.2kg 
Capacity of ground coffee container: 280g 
Diameter of Grinder Burrs: 64mm

Grinding Burr Speed: 1600 r.p.m.

Adjustable metering of coffee from 5.5gm./portion to 9gm./portion

Weight - 13 kg