In-depth engneering research together with prestigious design. Creates a pleasant, unique and attractive context which makes this coffee machine an item which is built to a state of art. combining attractive design with practical and funcional use. Combining this with with the elegance and mirror finish steel makes this machine one of the best and most reliable on the market.


*Programmable Dosage*
*Stainless Steel Body with Mirror Finish*
*Volumetric Pump*
*Self-levelling Pump*
*Volumetric Dosage*
*Continuous Deliver push Button*
*Hot Water Nozzle*
*Hot Water Mixer**
*Two nozzles*
*Electrical water heating*
*Cup Warmer**
*Saftey Thermostat*
*Various Colours Available*


Boiler Capacity:  11 liters
Dimension & Weight:  52 x 50 x 79 cm -
Power: 220V 50/60Hz 4500 Watt

Accessories:  2 x two cup filter holder, 1 x one cup filter holder, coffee tamper, measuring spoon, feet extensions,

*** Based upon KES 100 two group***