*18/10 Stainless Steel Cabinet*
*Automatic Tank Filling*
*Door Saftey Feature*
*Rinsaid Doser*
*Two Minute Rinse Cycle*
*40mm Drainage Tube*
*N.2 Dish Basket*
*N.1 Cutlery Basket*
*N.1 Glass Basket*


Boiler Capacity:  6.7 liters
Tank Capacity: 12 liters
Dimension & Weight:  60 x 63.5 x 78 cm - 72kgs
Power: 230V 15Amp 

Accessories: 50x50cm Wash Baskets,
Cutlery Baskets
Saucer Rack



Hemerson P60 E

The Hemerson P60 E is one of Hemerson’s traditional fixed drum machines.The bodywork and principle components of these are constructed in stainless steel to ensure maximum life span and efficiency of use even in the most demanding working environments