Hemerson NPS43

With the Hemerson NPS43, the dimensions have been optimized thanks to the particualr care taken when each component was designed. The internal tank has been moulded with out corners to facilitate cleaning. This machine are fully insulted to achieve less heat dispersion and allow them to operate more silently. The door is made for balance and it is cushioned to prevent damage from being slammed



*Wash Pump Rating 0,25 cv*
*28mm Drain Pipe*
*Two Minute Cycles*
*1200Pz Hourly Production*
*Rinse-aid Doser*
*Insulated Machine*
*Balanced Door*


Boiler Capacity:  6.7 liters
Tank Capacity: 12 liters
Dimension & Weight:  43 x 53 x 69.5 cm - 48kgs
Power: 230V 15Amp 

Accessories: 2 35x35cm Wash Baskets,
2 Cutlery Baskets
1 Saucer Rack