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Dough Sheeter for Pizza's, Breads, Pies and more...

Pizza Moulder has been studied and built especially to solve the problems of rolling out the pastry of the pizza, of the pies, the dough of the bread and so on. Pizza Molder helps you to spare time.

During the preparation the pastry is not warmed and its characteristics are not deteriorated. Thickness and diameter adjustable.

subject to change without notice

SPR30 up to 12 inches in diameter, variable thickness

SPR40 up to 16 inches in diameter, variable thickness

SPR30 $3495.26 USD

SPR40 $4200.78 USD

Both sizes in stock

Canadian customers please call for Canadian prices. 
Toll Free: 1-800-813-5336

 Both models in stock


Pizza Moulder SPR30 SPR40
 Net Weight 28kg 41kg
 Power 0.33hp 0.50hp
 Current 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz
Shipping Dimension 46x46x56h (cm) 48x59x70h (cm)
 Sizes Machine 43x43x53h (cm) 44x55x68h (cm)
 Pizza Ball 100 - 220 100 - 700 gr
 Diameter Pizza 20 - 30 (cm) 20 - 40 (cm)

For USA and Canada

 Pizza Moulder

 Net Weight 61.73lb


 Power 0.33hp 0.50hp
 Current 110v/60Hz 110v//60Hz
Shipping Dimension 18.11"x18.11"x22.05" 18.90"x23.23"x27.56"
 Sizes Machine 16.93"x16.93"x20.87" 17.32"x21.65"x26.77"
Pizza Ball 6 - 10(oz)

6 - 42(oz)

 Diameter Pizza

8 - 12"

8 - 16"


** One Year Limited Warranty on Parts & Labour**
** Full Staff Training Program Available**
**Lease Program Available**

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