Possible products: cake & pastry products and
fillings, buttercream, custard, chocolate icing, cake
covering, choux pastry, bavarian cream, jams,
poached fruit, fruit sauces/syrups, panna cotta,
catalan cream, crême brulée, pudding, caramel,
mascarpone and ricotta.
Polenta, risotto, meat sauce, tomato sauce,
béchamel sauce, gorgonzola cream and
scrambled eggs.
Gelato, ice cream, sorbets,
granita, milkshake, gelato
cake, slices, cakes, puffs
and cassata cake or gelato
with nuts and candied fruit.
Tempered dark, milk, white chocolate, ganache,
chocolate sauce, various chocolates
and pralines.
Everything done is visible and the machine's user-friendliness
allows anyone to automatically reproduce the
recipes of a great chef. The components are
disassembled without tools for easy washing,
guaranteeing maximum hygiene.
c r e am c o oke r s