Gamma 200E

The Corema Gamma 200E has radically reduced size compared to other Corema batch mixers, while still having similar power and capacity. With temperature and time controlled cycles for optimum preservation and quality of the product makes the Gamma 200E easy one of the simplest to use. Equipped with a SDD
( Saftey Discharge Device) for improved saftey, this makes the Gamma 200E not only one of the best product producers but one of the safestĀ 


*Reduced Size*
*Verticle Evaporator Cylinders*
*Mobile Scraper Blades*
*Time Controlled Cycle*
*Temperature Controlled Cycle*
*Saftey Discharge Device*
*Washing Kit*
*Run Time Indicator*

Dimensions: 46 x 51 x 96 cm
220V 60 Hz 3-Phase
Air Cooled
4 Lt/Cycle